“A friend of mine suggested to me, after I whined to him about the pain in my leg, that maybe I should try a chiropractor. I’m pleased and thankful that I did. The pain in my thigh and backside is gone.”

“One evening I was out with friends and I was really in very, very bad shape and one of my friends said to me, ‘Why don’t you go and see a chiropractor?’ I thought, why not? Since seeing a chiropractor, I find that I have no pain and I can do everything I want. And when I say everything that I want, I mean things like running and cycling and cross-country skiing. I lead a pretty active life, I like to keep active.”

“I operate heavy equipment for a living. That, coupled with my sustaining a shoulder injury playing hockey, prompted me to visit a chiropractor. The results have been great and I no longer feel like I’m 100 years old.”

“I was in a car accident and suffering from whiplash. I was reluctant to take medication to treat my condition and a friend suggested I see a chiropractor. I found the treatment to be extremely effective. I’m fairly competitive in sports and because I want to remain in top condition, I continue to see my chiropractor on a regular basis.”

“If you had told me on Wednesday that I could swing a golf club by Friday, I wouldn’t have believed you but that was my experience in seeing a chiropractor. I was able to golf without being in pain and I did really well.”