“Being a chiropractic patient has really helped me a lot. When I was in a growth spurt, my back became very sore and I was weak. My chiropractor really helped me. Not only did he adjust my spine, he also gave me strengthening exercises to do. If you are tall and gangly like I am, or play sports, I would recommend chiropractic. ”

Tiger Woods

“I’ve been seeing a chiropractor and he’s really been helping me out a lot. Chiropractic’s been a big part of my game. ”

Joe Montana and 35 of his teamates received chiropractic care right before the 1990 Super Bowl Game

“I have to have an adjustment before I go into the ring…I believe in chiropractic. The majority of boxers go to get that extra edge.”

Evander Holyfield

“I didn’t know how much I could improve until I started seeing a chiropractor. Since I’ve been in chiropractic, I’ve improved by leaps and bounds, both mentally and physically.”

Gerald Wilkins, New York Knicks

“Thank God I have a great chiropractor. I wish I’d never introduced him to Madonna and Janet (Jackson) and Tina (Turner). Now I have to share him.”